Our Promise

Patient Centered

Imagine health care centered on the patient, not the process and the insurance company. Anytime Drs is a direct primary care model which offers both individual services and membership options and that puts the focus on you, your health care goals and your relationship with your physician.


Take control of your health with an all-inclusive primary care membership that focuses on prevention and longevity. Individualized care for you and your family.


Extra Benefits

  • Discounted pricing on labs (in many cases lower than the copay for labs done thru your insurance).
  • Your medical record remains confidential. It will not be shared with insurance companies or other outside parties unless upon your request.
  • Once a year Nutrition consult with a registered dietitian.
  • Access to advanced health screenings and testing at a reduced cost
    Unlimited face-to-face visits

  • Prescriptions are offered at wholesale discounts (often significant cost savings when compared to retail or hospital prices)

  • In-house lab draws, testing’s, and screenings (additional fee)
  • Telehealth appointments when appropriate, upon request
  • Mental health support

Access to your personal physician

Extended one-on-one time with the physician averaging sixty minutes for annual physical or new patient visits, and 30 minutes for follow up or acute care visits.

long-term health care plan

Annual health care assessment to include history and physical as well as wellness planning. You will be able to work with your physician to develop a long-term health care plan to address your overall health and well-being.

flexible appointments

Flexible office hours - Early morning appointment or evening appointments available upon request.
Appointments are on time and not rushed, ensuring all of your questions and concerns are addressed and answered.

Same day visit guaranteed

With your membership, you are guaranteed same-day visits or next-day visits during normal business hours.
Patients are seen on time, at the time of their scheduled visit.
No crowded waiting rooms

Convenience Communication

With your membership, you will enjoy direct access to your physician using phone, text, email, and video conferencing to make sure your health care needs are met at all times.
E-visits via web conferencing available for increased patient convenience.

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