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Affordable and Convenient Access to AnytimeDRs

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Shawn Dhillon, M.D., DAASEM, DNBPAS

Board Certified, Internal Medicine

Adult Medicine Specialist

Primary and Preventive Cardiovascular Care 

Dr. Dhillon is a founding member and managing partner of AnytimeDR., an organization that aspires to bring affordable concierge primary health care to those who need it most, providing “convenient health care access, anytime, anywhere.”

He has been in the medical field for more than 20 years, starting as a resident doctor in the early 90s. He started his business because in USA, most people are having a hard time in accessing their medical health care, and he was inspired to help and provide the medical assistance they need.

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A B O U T . . . . . . . 

Dr. Dhillon is the chief medical officer, founding member & managing partner of AnytimeDrs, an organization that brings “affordable concierge healthcare” to those most in need, the general working public, aspiring to provide & make available “convenient & affordable concierge healthcare access, anytime, anywhere.” As a firm proponent with the vision & belief that concierge healthcare should not only be available for the affluent & wealthy, Dr. Dhillon is bringing its many benefits to the masses. He states that “time is our biggest commodity, it is very unfortunate that our busy daily routines prevent us from taking the necessary time out of our schedules to actually take care of what matters most, our health”.

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AnytimeDRs provides highly affordable concierge healthcare among a host of other discounted & at cost healthcare & wellness services, ranging from blood work to diagnostic imaging, discounted medications (delivered for free to your home or office) as well as discounted chiropractic, dental and vision benefits. AnytimeDRs asks one to “experience the difference & see the results.” The fundamental principal of AnytimeDRs is “ACA”, Affordable, Convenient Access.

Dr. Dhillon was born & raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Born at Sinai Hospital. He graduated from Friends School, Loyola University (Baltimore), Ross University School of Medicine & trained at Union Memorial Hospital. Dr. Dhillon’s family moved to Barranquilla, Colombia, in South America, when he was just 10 years of age. He grew up & attended school there for several years. To this day, he continues to both admire & embody the respected Latin American sense of family values, along with the rich tradition of heritage & culture instilled within each and every individual. He is fluent in Spanish, as well as English, and two dialects of the Indian language (Punjabi & Hindi).

He started his private Internal Medicine practice from only a handful of contacts in 2002, immediately after graduating from residency. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Electrodiagnostic Medicine, focusing on sensory & pain dysfunction. Dr. Dhillon has lectured for over a decade nationally on the various elements & components of the metabolic syndrome as well as acute & chronic pain management. He has lectured at various national medical organizations & groups along with being a keynote speaker at Best Practices in Primary Care as well as several PriMed symposiums regionally. He has been an active member in many national medical societies, such as the National Lipid Association & American Society of Hypertension, as well as The American Society of Bariatric Physicians and American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He proudly served as the former national chairman of the AASEM (American Academy of Sensory & Electrodiagnostic Medicine), currently residing on the board, as well as having served as former president of AAPI (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin), Baltimore chapter, among several other leadership positions held in various organizations. Dr. Dhillon is an associate preceptor with Drexel University. He is an active member of the Maryland state medical society, MedChi, and resides on several of its committees, with the  major focus of aspiring to attenuate the opioid crisis in our nation. Dr. Dhillon served as Assistant Medical Director of The North Charles Sleep Center. He is also a member of the Scientific Medical (Sci-Med) Advisory Board of ID Life, focusing on individually designed nutritional supplementation as a means of living a healthier and more fulfilling life. Dr. Dhillon also serves as current President of AIRS (American Institute of Research Studies), having been actively involved as a PI (Principal Investigator) in several clinical research trials focusing on diabetes & hypertension. Dr. Dhillon has also been actively involved with several non profit organizations as well as assisting with numerous fundraising and community philanthropic activities.

Dr. Dhillon’s passion has been to focus on wellness & prevention, with a desire to practice healthcare & not sick-care. “The goal for me has been to integrate elements of both prevention & wellness into each & every patient encounter. Individuals with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, pre-diabetes or diabetes & obesity require a thorough understanding of the genetics & environmental factors contributing towards the metabolic syndrome. They must be educated & informed on how one can overcome its potentially deleterious results & consequences.”

Dr. Dhillon states “the main focus is & always should be, patient centered care, we must incorporate an individualized & personalized healthcare plan for each and every individual who trusts us with the most valuable of any and all assets, one’s health.” Unfortunately under the current state of healthcare politics, the paradigm has shifted away from a patient centered approach to a profit centered approach, with large healthcare conglomerates focusing solely on how to be more profitable as they view healthcare as a huge business.

Dr. Dhillon’s philosophy of care involves highlighting the importance of both lifestyle & behavioral modifications, as pivotal factors & requirements to an overall successful outcome, while always maintaining an individualized and personalized approach for each and every patient.

 After more than 16 years of fee for service insurance based practice, Dr. Dhillon has now focused on the emerging trend of concierge healthcare. “When I started my private practice, even up to just a year ago, I never felt that concierge medicine was for me. I felt it was only indicated & available for the wealthy and affluent. I always wanted to take care of the general public, the folks that not only work hard but may not have the time, ability or resources to take off of work for routine office visits”. Dr. Dhillon states that his desire to manage & care for those most in need, particularly the inner city population, is what kept & continue to keep him at his current office location and demographic for well over a decade and a half now.

Dr. Dhillon’s desire to follow the emerging trend towards concierge healthcare stems from several recent incidents & events that made him realize the world of healthcare has truly changed forever. “I was tired of pain & drug seeking (narcotic) patients reviewing me on line when I refused to offer them their demand for narcotics. “They get every right to go on line & voice opinions & comments, but my voice was virtually blunted to what actually transpired.” He further states “ I wanted to get back to enjoying what I do, practicing actual healthcare, helping folks stay healthy & living to the fullest for as long as possible, thriving daily.” Dr. Dhillon additionally states “I always felt that insurance companies & hospital administrations were patient advocates. I sincerely believed that the healthcare industry truly wanted the best for their beneficiaries.”

Dr. Dhillon states that the gross inability to actually care for & treat patients, only to be a glorified documenter for insurance companies coerced him to get back to the basics of what inspired him to fulfill his dream of becoming a primary care provider in the first place, taking care of patients in an arena that no one wants to join. “The trend towards a private primary care practice has all but diminished, as younger, graduating docs join larger groups with consolidated, volume based contracts under large insurers or become shift work hospitalists, working roughly the equivalent of 6 months a year, while being handsomely compensated. “The system intended for this to happen, it was not a mistake, it was not by chance, it is simply about control & coercion. The two groups that lose control & are inevitably coerced include both the patient & the Dr, essentially the core & foundation of any healthcare system. It is about increased regulation and domination of healthcare providers by strategic administrative entities.

Dr. Dhillon states that the current ability & joy of being able to actually spend the necessary & required time with a patient, to review relevant & appropriate health care literature, labs, imaging results, in addition to answering all patient questions fully and satisfactorily, is reinstalling a sense of optimism in him. “To know and feel confident that I can once again allocate the vital time & effort needed to assist my patients without having to run in and out of exam rooms with a laptop in my arms, waiting for the next chart review, is a great feeling.”

Dr. Dhillon adamantly states that the current path in traditional primary care is unfortunately & viciously spiraling towards a dead end, if not already on life support. There is no apparent relief in sight from any current system or organization to assist or attempt to revamp traditional primary care. There has been a well coordinated effort & plan, successfully implemented, leading to the demise of the small, private, primary care practice. “There is no feasible way to overcome the growing hurdles & obstacles of increasing overhead, decreased reimbursement, tons of paperwork (repetitive insurance reviews and audits for no apparent reason other than to weaken, demoralize & debilitate a small private practice) & a sicker patient demographic, requiring more time & care along with the inevitably increasing demand for proof of documentation to insurers, despite having spent more than adequate time diagnosing, managing & treating our patients”, says Dr. Dhillon. He adds, “it is terribly sad that the basic infrastructure & foundation of our healthcare system, the solo primary care provider, has been left for dead, with no remorse, the general public & all patients inevitably suffer as a result.” The new CMS E&M guidelines & documentation criteria is one small step in the right direction, but the damage has been more than done for this generation of primary care providers.

The advent of such horrific changes to the humble world of primary care in such a short period of time is what has convinced many private practitioners to seek alternative methods of providing care to patients, ranging from concierge care to direct primary care and various other hybrid models. There is an enormous primary care provider shortage, which is only getting worse annually. Dr. Dhillon further states, “this is the perfect storm, the healthcare tsunami has yet to surface, when it does, and it will, it is going to be absolutely devastating & unfortunately too late.” As a society we tend to focus on anything & everything but healthcare. Sad to know & acknowledge that without our health, we actually have nothing,” says Dr. Dhillon. We must both accept & respect the fact that health is wealth. This is quite simply a sign of the times, the fact that we need to be proactive, not reactive in healthcare, as the adage clearly states “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”.

-Jim Rohn

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