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Direct Primary Care

Founded and led by Dr. Shawn Dhillon, Anytime Drs. is primarily focused on health and wellness. We provide evidence-based health care and internal wellness from a board-certified primary care specialist with 19 years of experience. Remove the middlemen and partner directly with Anytime Drs.

AnytimeDRs Founder

Dr. Shawn Dhillon

Dr. Shawn Dhillon, M.D., DAASEM, DNBPAS
Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Specialist in Internal Medicine, Primary Care, Preventive Cardiovascular Care and Adult Medical Care

our health is our most valuable asset

Dr. Dhillon spent several years of his childhood in Barranquilla, Columbia, in South America. It was here that the Latin American sense of family values, along with the rich tradition of heritage and culture was instilled in him, and he brings those values into his practice. Dr. Dhillon is fluent in Spanish, English, and two dialects of the Indian language, Punjabi and Hindi.

Born and raised in Baltimore at Sinai Hospital, Dr. Dhillon graduated from Friends School, Loyola University (Baltimore), Ross University School of Medicine, and trained at Union Memorial Hospital. He began his private practice in internal medicine in 2002. For over a decade, he has lectured nationally on the various elements and components of metabolic syndrome as well as acute and chronic pain management.

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Our Approach

Dr Dhillon’s approach to primary care medicine begins with building a personal profile of the patient, understanding all aspects of their life and health care needs.

He then develops a highly-individualized approach that incorporates both evidence-based multi-modal disease management while supplementing with an integrative approach to disease management when appropriate.

From a long-term perspective, Dr. Dhillon’s goal is to outline a longitudinal health care plan for her patients physical and emotional well-being.

It takes a village

Dr. Dhillon has relationships with the best specialists in Baltimore and, when required, will refer you for treatment. He believes that as your primary health care provider, communication with specialists is key, and he will work with you to make sure you understand all treatment options and recommendations in order to help you make the best individual decisions based on your overall health and needs.

Dr. Dhillon lives in Baltimore County with his wife, and two children. He enjoys reading, art, cooking, travel and exercise. An active community member.